Checkout a Nook

Nook readers are available for checkout!

The library has Nook HD reader available for Teens and Children in the library. Nooks are located at the Children’s Services Desk and the Vortex.

Titles Available

  • Readers are pre-loaded with a wide variety of titles.
  • Readers can be checked out for 21 days (from in the library) or 28 days if checked out from the Bookmobile.

Checkout Process

Users will need to have a Fountaindale Public Library card in good standing (teacher cards cannot check out Nooks). Reciprocal borrowers in good standing are also able to checkout a Nook. A picture will also need to be placed on file in the library's secure patron database for both adults and children. Only one Nook can be checked out at a time.

Nooks can be renewed up to two times. Overdue Nooks will be fined at $1 per day, up to $10. Nooks not returned after 28 days will be billed to the patron's card for full replacement cost of the complete kit. Billed Nooks will not be accepted for return.

Nooks can be placed on hold through the library catalog or by asking a Fountaindale staff member. Once notified, patrons will have five (5) days to pick up a Nook on hold for them. Nooks not picked up after five days will go to the next waiting patron.

Return Process

Nooks are to be returned to the desk they were checked out from - if checking out in the library - or to the Bookmobile - if checking out from the Bookmobile. Nooks are not to be returned in library drop boxes, through the drive through, or to another library. Patrons returning Nooks to these locations will be fined $20.

Damaged Nooks will be charged $25 plus warranty costs. Kit pieces that are damaged will be billed at replacement cost. For more information, please ask a Fountaindale Public Library staff member.


Nook pictures are for illustrative purposes only and are not representative of what will be available on Fountaindale Public Library Nooks.