Chromebook FAQ


Chromebook FAQ Graphic
  • Chromebooks are available for checkout at the third floor Reference Desk, the Vortex on the second floor, and the Children's Services Desk on the first floor.
  • The loan period is 4 hours and the Chromebook must remain inside the building at all time.
  • Only one Chromebook can be checked out at a time.
  • Users will need to have a valid Fountaindale Library card in good standing.  Pinnacle cardholders and reciprocal borrowers in good standing are able to check out a Chromebook as well.  User must show their library card at time of checkout, be at least 8 years old and have a photo on file in the library’s secure patron database.
  • Chromebooks must be returned to the desk they were checked out. 

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Please note: Closing the cover will end your session and power off the computer. Closing the browser window will also end your session, but you will be asked if you want to do so first. Ending your session without saving work to Google Cloud or to a flash drive will cause you to lose your work. Save early and often!

Q: I just want to check my e-mail and surf the web.

You can check your e-mail by going to your e-mail provider’s website and logging into your e-mail account. Google Chrome is a web browser, so as soon as you accept the Internet Use Policy, you can start surfing the web.

Q: Where is Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint?

Chromebooks use Google’s Chrome operating system. Instead of Word, Excel or PowerPoint software programs, Google has equivalent applications called Docs (Word), Sheets (Excel) and Slides (PowerPoint).

Q: How do I use Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides?

You will need a Gmail e-mail address in order to log into and begin using Google services. You can get a Gmail address here, or can visit the 2nd floor Computer Commons for assistance in setting up a Google email account.

Q: I have a Gmail account. How do I access Google applications?

You can access your Google Apps by clicking the icon that looks like a 3 by 3 box grid, located in the upper left corner of the the screen. It will be next to your name or your e-mail address, whichever is displayed. Click the “Drive” app to start Google Drive, which is Google’s cloud storage site (similar to a virtual flash drive customized for you with your Gmail login) where your documents will be saved as you create them. You can also access Google Drive through the application launcher located in the lower left corner of the screen, which also looks like a 3 by 3 box grid.

Q: How do I start a new document?

After clicking “Drive”, click “new” in the left hand column and select the app you want to create the document in.

Q: I see that my document is just called “untitled doc”. How do I change this?

Click the words “Untitled Doc” and give the document a name.

Q: How do I save the document?

Your document will be automatically saved in whichever application you are working within to your personalized Google Drive account.

Q: I need to save my document in order to share it with someone that has Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint. How do I do this?

In the document you are working on, go to the File menu and mouse down to “download as”. From the side menu that pops open, choose the Microsoft format that appears.

Q: I did that. Where did the document go?

It downloaded to the downloads location on the Chromebook. To access this location, you will need to open the “Files” application on the Chromebook. There is a magnifying glass icon in the lower left corner of the screen - the same place the start menu is on a Windows machine. Click this to open the app browser. If the “Files” application isn’t listed - the window lists the four most recently run apps - click “more” to open the full application suite and then click the “Files” application. The downloads folder should appear.

Q: How do I save this so I can use it on another device running Microsoft?

You can either e-mail the file as an attachment to yourself or insert a flash drive into one of the Chromebook’s USB ports and then cut or copy and paste the file from the downloads folder to the flash drive.  

Q: How do I locate my flash drive on the Chromebook?

Open the Files application. In the left column you will see your flash drive. Click on it to open it and view the documents on the drive.

Q: Can I open my Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint document?

Google applications will open Microsoft format documents in the corresponding application: Word will open in Docs; Excel will open in Sheets; and PowerPoint will open in Slides. However, the full suite of editing tools will not be available until the document is converted to the corresponding Google application.

To convert the file, after double clicking the file you will be in preview mode. To open the file in the corresponding Google application, click the "Open" button at the top of the preview window and Google will convert the document into the proper corresponding Google App format and automatically save it in your Google Drive.

Q: How can I print my document?

You cannot print directly from within Google applications. First, you will need to save it as a Microsoft format or PDF document, as outlined above. Then, you need to access the Fountaindale Print Spot, click on the icon.

 Wi-Fi Print Spot

Follow the onscreen prompts to send your print job to the print server. You can ignore the area of the second screen that asks what format your document is. Print jobs remain in the print queue for four (4) hours. You can ask at the Children’s Desk, if using a Chromebook checked out from the Children’s desk, or to the 2nd Floor Computer Commons, if using a Chromebook checked out from the 3rd Floor Reference Desk, to have your print job retrieved and printed.

Q: How do I safely eject my flash drive?

Go to the Files application and in the left column, to the right of the flash drive name, there will be an eject icon (triangle with a line under it). Click that and then remove your flash drive from the Chromebook.

Q: Can I add applications to the Chromebook?

You can add applications to the Chromebook from the Chrome Web Store. However, they will only be accessible for that session and will be removed from the device at the end of your session. If you have a suggestion for an application available in the Chrome Web Store to add to the list of managed applications available through the Application launcher, please let us know and we will see if it can be added. Please note: Not all applications that are available in the Chrome Web Store can be added to the Application launcher.

Q: How do I know my personal information isn’t stored on the Chromebook after I use it?

When you power down the Chromebook, close the lid or end the public session, the Chromebook is restored to the state it was in before you used it - all browsing history and any documents or applications saved directly to the Chromebook will be permanently erased.

Q: I’d prefer a Windows laptop to a Chromebook.  How do I checkout a Windows laptop instead?

We do not have Windows laptop loans available at this time.  Please fill out this Chromebook survey and let us know you’re interested in a Windows laptop loaning program.